Wednesday, May 4, 2011


so this is what i've been doing all day:
seriously idk what to do. this holiday is killing me.
lulz wut.

here followers, have some;

mkay. i need Jac Vanek bracelets. kay. pokerface.

10.08 pm. should sleep. or not. we'll see later.

goodbye love.


Saturday, April 30, 2011

life oh life

i feel like i wanna write today so yeah.
the national exam is over btw and now i have plenty time to do anything that i want. sounds awesome at first but actually not.

anyway i already made plans to kill the time and i think it's kinda cool. like
- taking english course. because my grammar's super sucks now.
- taking other language course. idk lol i havent decide.
- spend money on starbucks fuck yeaaaaaah.
- tumblin like a boss.
- movie marathon. man i wanna do this zillion years ago but i just cant.
- watch making of katy perry's firework. kay the wifi connection is being a bitch so i cant finish the vid.
- stay awake all night.
and muches more.

so apparently everybody is coming to indonesia. literally everybody. lemme try to list some of them for you:
- bring me the horizon
- we the kings
- never shout never
- i see stars
- bruno mars
- katy perry
- hey monday
- a rocket to the moon
and yes my wallet is not happy. fml.

i know this is not important but i kinda hate paramore now.
first; because they win the March Madness competition or smth. and they defeat MCR. well that kinda pissed me.
and second; hayley's being a bitch. i read the farro brothers' exit statement and that explains everything.

so yeah. bye.



hai. so apparently i've changed my tumblr url so yeah. talk/ask me and probably give a follow at here, dear babycakes.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Trampoline - Never Shout Never :)

watch it here

my current ear candy.


xx lisa.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


hello. this is lisa aaaaand finally I'm back in this blog.
kay so how's everybody doing? great? nice.

soo now imma tell you that I spend more time on this beautiful shit called Tumblr.

well. find me here.

bye :)

xx, lisa.